The Best TrainerRoad Workouts

Trainer Road is an immensely popular online/software based training suite for indoor cycling. It offers hundreds of workouts which focus on all areas of cycling performance from aerobic endurance to sprints intervals. With so many workouts to choose from, it’s hard to know which are the most effective for your particular training goals and needs. This post will cover not only the some of the best workouts in the Trainer Road library for each training zone but also some ways to decide which workouts will work for your training goals and how to fit them into your training plan.

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Endurance & Base Miles


2 hour endurance workout with some minor variation in effort. There are three variations to the basic workout (+1, +2, and +3). The second and third variations increase the intensity slightly pushing the peak effort into the bottom end of the sweet spot/tempo zone.

Big Mountain

3 hour endurance workout which features slight but constant changes in effort. These changes help simulate real world riding conditions where rolling hills and variation in terrain are expected.


5 hour endurance ride with three variations. Each variation includes slightly different intervals similar to those found in Maclure. The third variation includes 30 minute tempo intervals interspersed throughout the ride. These intervals not only make the 5 hour ride more interesting but add an element of difficulty to maximize the effectiveness of the workout.

FTP Builders


1 hour workout featuring two 20 minute sweet spot intervals. This a great workout for those with limited time.


1.5 hour workout featuring 3x20min Sweetspot efforts. Think of it like a shortened version of Logan.


2.5 hours workout featuring five 20minute sweet spot intervals. The length of the intervals and the recovery period make for a tough but doable workout that leaves you feeling just the right amount of fatigue. This isn't an easy workout and it does take up a little more time.


3 hour workout featuring seven(!) 20 minute sweet spot intervals with only three minutes of recovery between intervals. This is one of the toughest and most rewarding workouts in the Trainer Road library. It's not a workout that can be done all the time, nor should it be. But for those who use overload training, it's the perfect workout for the first day back after a recovery week.


1.5 hours workout featuring six 10 minute intervals near (or at) FTP. While these intervals are cutting close in terms of length, the rest intervals are so short that they are still effective. This is a tough but effective workout.


1 hour workout with threshold intervals. It's a classic workout. Work up to the various variations of the this workout.

VO2 Max & Fatigue Resistance


1.5 hour workout that features tough Over/Under intervals. This is a great workout for both Cyclists and Triathletes.

Morgan -4

45min workout of hard and uncomfortable VO2 max efforts. These efforts aren't fun but they're incredibly effective for bike racers.

Get Your Race Legs Ready

Augusta -2

1.25 hour workout of mostly sweetspot efforts with a twist. Each interval begins with a 30s effort at 150% FTP. If you're looking to improve your attacking and breakaway ability, this is the one.

Ansel Adams

1 hour workout consisting of 3x12min sets of 50s at 135% and 50s rest. About the closest you'll get to a true Tabata workout on TrainerRoad. This is a great workout for Zwift racers!


1 hour workout with a ramp. They said the bet time to attack is at the crest of a hill. Learn how to push a hard effort out of the saddle and then pin it over the top!

Looking for Custome Workouts?

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