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Here you’ll find our weekly coaching podcasts featuring HPP Coaches, Pro triathletes, Club members, and many more.. 

Preparing for an Ironman: The Phases of Training

Registering for an Ironman is a daunting task! In this podcast, Ian and Alan discuss choosing to do an Ironman, registering for an Ironman, and reasons why athletes choose to do an Ironman. 

The first three months of Ironman training usually happen in the coldest harshest months of the year. Ian and Alan discuss motivation, training volume, and what the first few months of training should look like. 

Point Counter Point

Ian and Alan discuss run volume and distance-based approaches to Ironman training. 

Most triathletes don’t come from a swim background. In this episode Ian and Alan back and forth about swim techniques and how triathletes who struggle with the swim can improve.