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HPP Triathlon Club

Years in the making…. 

For four years HPP has been providing athletes with training plans and support; guiding over 40 athletes to completion of over 100 races.  

In 2016, HPP launched the Cyclelogik // HumanPowerPerformance Triathlon team, which featured athletes from different experience and ability level from newbie to pro. They acted as our representatives in the triathlon community. 

Now in 2018, we’ve decided to expand on our community initiatives by launching an open membership club. 

Penticton ITU

Registration Form

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Top Benefits

Triathlon Kit

You get a premium one-piece triathlon suit from Epixx's GoFierce lineup of triathlon gear. $210 value

Coaching Discount

HPP coached athletes receive a 15% discount on coaching services. This could provide up to $215 per year savings. With this discount and your kit, your membership has almost paid for itself!

Event Discounts

All HPP Club members receive a 15% discount with Somersault Events!

Penticton ITU

Community Support

HPP athletes are some of the most experienced and friendly around! Build a network of friends through triathlon! Community is one of the best ways to stay motivated and inspired!