HPP Triathlon Club

The 2020 iteration of the HPP Tri Club is a little different than last year.

You have the choice between four different options:

  • Swim Only
  • Bike Only
  • Swim & Bike


What’s Included For Everyone

Whichever option you choose, you will receive:

  • 15% off Somersault Events
  • 20% off at Euro-Sport Ottawa*
  • Eligible to participate in club rides, runs, and  social events
  • Acces to clinics and seminars

*Euro-Sport discount is subject to certain exclusions.

Swim Program

Location: Nepean Sportsplex

Date & Time: Saturdays at 3pm (90min session)
Period: January to June
Price: $240

The HPP swim program is designed to be a skills and technique oriented session. It will augment your weekly swim practice by providing hands-on feedback from your deck coach. You should expect to swim at least 2000m in this session and up to 4000m depending on your ability level. The primary focus is to improve swim form and technique and receive feedback and advice that you can take to your own practice. This is a group workout but you will be given individual feedback on your stroke mechanics and form.

Skill you will develop:

  • Better overall stroke mechanics and form
  • Body awareness
  • Triathlon specific swimming techniques (including sighting and drafting)
  • Drills and techniques to take to your own practice
  • Individual feedback and advice (including video analysis)
  • Exercises and stretches to improve functional mobility for swimmers

What you need:
Swim Cap
Pull Buoy*
Kick Board*
Snorkel (front facing snorkel specific to swimming)
Band (you can cut up an old bike tube and create a small ankle band)
Paddles (small paddles or finger paddles are best)
Fins (swimming specific fins, not diving fins)

*There are pull buoys and kickboards available for use, but they are limited in quantity.

Cycling Program

Location: Euro-Sport Ottawa
Date & Time: Sundays @ 10am (1.5h – 5h)
Duration: 12 sessions Starting February 1st, 2020.
Price: $160

If you were familiar with the Enduro program at Cyclelogik, you’ll love this one! These winter sessions are designed to build aerobic endurance throughout the winter. We’ll start with a short session and build to nearly 5 hours on the bike.

Riding indoors in the in the winter alone is never all that fun, especially when you have to ride long! These sessions will be fun and engaging! In addition to the camaraderie of riding with others, these sessions will also be coach and include various drills and skills development to make you a better overall rider.

Each person will be connected to the popular Zwift platform, riding a brand new Elite smart trainer. Unlike a stagnant spin bike where you change resistance on your own, on command, you’ll be able to see the virtual terrain on your personal monitor and feel the changes in resistance as you climb hills.

We’ll work on cadence, shifting, and hill climbing ability utilizing the simulated terrain!

What you’ll need:
Your bike (you will need to bring your own bike, but no back wheel needed!)*

Shoes compatible with your bikes
Sweat towel
Water bottles

*We know what you’re thinking! “I have to lug my bike to practice every Sunday!” Yes. But this is a good thing! Instead of trying to match your fit on a spin bike with different crank lengths, handlebars, saddles, etc… you can ride your own bike and be just as comfortable as you would out on the road!