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Welcome to the Club

Thanks for joining the HPP triathlon club! Take a peek at some of the great features here in the members portal!

The Club officially kicks off on January 1st. If you registered before January 1st, your membership will be valid until December 31st 2019. Look for all the exclusive member content over the next couple of weeks with full the launch on Jan 1. Until then, if you have any feedback or questions, please email alan@humanpowercoach.com

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News & Articles

Here you'll find club news and resources. Everything from race re-caps to training tips and workouts can be found here.


Our HPC Video Series features everything from coaching advice to product reviews and athlete race vlogs.


Our weekly coaching podcast features discussions with different HPP coaches and athletes.

HPC Services

Because the HPP Triathlon club isn't geographically limited, we have put together additional services for triathletes who don't have access to things like Bike fitting, Swim Stroke Analysis, or Run Gait Analysis. You can submit videos and photos of yourself to receive feedback and consultation on aspects of your fit, stroke, and run form.


Here is where you will your discount codes and information on how to take advantage of your club discounts.


Access the MyHPC Community. There is both an online forum through this member portal or the private Facebook Group.