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Why Hire a Coach?

A coach has the ability to view an athlete’s performance and ability objectively and with impartiality. Because of this a coach can better assess an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses and develop a training plan that will challenge an athlete to obtain the best possible performance during their ‘A’ events and improve overall fitness. Many self coached athletes experience some success when they begin training but their performance quickly reaches a plateau. A coach has the ability to analyze and assess an athlete’s progress and adapt their training routine so the athlete can continue to improve.

The Process


When an athlete signs up with us the first step is to complete our online questionnaire. This questionnaire gives your coach some initial information to work with and begin developing an athlete profile. From there we move on to a personal consultation. This is where we get down to the important details of your training history, goals, background in sport, strengths, weaknesses, injuries, limitations, schedule, and where you can ask any questions of your coach.

Athlete Profile

Once you’ve met with your coach, he/she will assemble an athlete profile. The athlete profile is what your coach will use to outline your annual or event-based training plan. Your coach will develop a general outline of how your training will progress throughout the season or leading up to your event. Your coach will take into account your experience, current fitness, goals, and schedule to determine the appropriate training load and weekly volume.

Training Plan

After the training outline is complete, your coach will begin assigning your workouts. Our coaches use a wide range of workouts developed through years of experience and based on the principles of sport science and physiology. Not every athlete has the time to go for a 6 hour endurance ride and our coaches understand the need to make use of time sparingly and efficiently. Most importantly, your training plan is specific to you, your needs, your goals and your schedule.

The Tools

Training Peaks

Our coaches deliver training plans through Training Peaks, a powerful calendar and training management platform. Your coaches will use this platform to analyze your workouts, tracks metrics and plan your season.

Training Platforms

Zwift coaches can accommodate for different training platforms including Zwift and TrainerRoad, two of the most popular training platforms. If you're a Zwifter, we can incorporate races and group rides into your training plan and goals.


HPP provides athletes with an abundance of free online resources so athletes can better understand the training process & become more informed and better educated athletes. Successful training is a partnership between athlete and coach.

The Results


HPP coaches have helped athletes accomplish a wide range of goals from completing their first sprint triathlon, turning professional, qualifying for Kona, winning national championships, and setting new 10km PBs.


"HPP was able to take me from a top-5 regional race finisher to a top 10 overall amateur finisher in a world-championship race! I credit this success to the holistic coaching I received. The team takes the time to get to know you, figure out what works and what does not work and applies smart training that is backed by science and good practice."
Jordan Monnink
Pro Triathlete
"HPP has gone to considerable lengths to understand my motivations, my strengths, and my weaknesses, and has tailored a program that takes these factors into account. I never feel as though my workouts are pulled from a sheet; the “one size fits all” model. I couldn’t be more pleased with the process, nor the results."
Nathaniel Bossi
"You cant win every race as a cyclist, but I can truly say that I have never arrived at an A race feeling anything less than perfectly prepared. Going into priority events with that type of confidence is not only a physical benefit, but its an incredible mental advantage. I cant imagine an athlete getting more from HPP's coaching."
David Gazsi
5x Masters National TT Champion

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