Zwift is fun. Training is hard. Villainous one might say. So we created workouts specifically for Zwift named after all our favourite classic villains. All these workouts are in .ZWO format and can be used with Zwift workout mode. For instructions on how to integrate your .ZWO workouts into Zwift, click here.

Master Blaster & Master Blaster +1


The classic villain from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome has two variations that challenge your ability to perform at Tempo and Threshold levels. The shorter of the workouts features 10min intervals at 80% FTP and bumps up to 105% for 3 minutes. The longer workout includes three 5 minute intervals at 110% challenging your ability to perform at VO2 max on well warmed up legs. Master Blaster is designed to build FTP and increase VO2 max capacity.

Darth Vader

The most well-known villain from the Star Wars universe comes to life as a tempo workout with 20 second bursts at 130% FTP. Designed to tax your body’s ability to metabolize fat while incorporating anaerobic bursts to scrape away your muscle glycogen. Follow this workout with a solid hour or two of riding at Z2 for a great aerobic workout.

Lord Voldemort

He who shall not be named is a classic endurance workout with some variation. It takes you through the full range of zone 2 and into zone 3 at the climax of the workout. This is the perfect Saturday or Sunday workout. At just under 2 hours it’s the perfect workout for those with limited time for longer endurance workouts.

Dr. OctopusDr. Octopus +1 & Dr. Octopus -1

This classic Spider Man villain is one of the toughest workouts from the series and it comes in three variations. These workouts take you through all the sub-threshold zones with short bursts of anaerobic power. You’ll work a little at zone 2, a little more at zone 3 and a lot at zone 4. These workouts are designed to improve FTP and develop your body’s ability to recover from anaerobic efforts at sub threshold efforts.

Keyser Soze

This workout features all the usual suspects. It starts with a manageable tempo effort that builds toward threshold. It might not look like much but these ramps to threshold take some mental toughness, especially when your recovery is more tempo.

The Joker

One of the most notorious and maniacal villains of all time. This mostly tempo workout challenges you by pushing you to threshold at the end of each tempo block. A short recovery between sets gives you some reprieve from the madness but don’t get comfortable. You’re back working again before you know it.

HAL 9000 & HAL 9000 +1

The evil computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey takes you through mostly threshold efforts with bursts of anaerobic power. These tough sets of intervals come in two variations, a milder version and a harder version. In the tougher version you’ll learn how to recover at tempo from a hard effort before pushing yourself once again. The threshold efforts with the burst simulate the kinds of scenarios you’ll find in races where you need to respond to an attack and chase, or attack and put out a strong effort to establish a gap.


*Characters are owned by their respective trademark holders and not by Human Power Performance.