Perceived Effort and Time

Instructions for perceived effort zones are included in the PDF file you received. Training with perceived effort has inherent limitations but is useful for those who do not have a GPS enabled device to track pace.

Pace and Distance

To train with pace and distance you will need to know your pace zones. In order to use your free plan, you must first determine your pace zones. HPP plans use a seven zone system with each zone corresponding to a different level of intensity. Our training plans feature intervals at various various zones to maximize training adaptation and develop speed and endurance. If you know your pace zones, you may apply them to this plan. If you do not, an HPP coach can provide a pace zone assessment to determine your pace zones. Assessments should be done every four weeks to not only assess performance improvements but also to ensure that you are continuing to challenge yourself and avoid stagnation in performance.

Skype Consultation

If you have questions about your training plan or would like consultation on nutrition, training, performance, event selection, or any other training related subjects you can book a Skype consultation with an HPP coach. This is the best way to get started if you are new to structured training.

Training Peaks

Instead of a PDF training plan you will be assigned an HPP coach coach through training plans have your training plan managed through Training Peaks’ comprehensive training software. With Training Peaks you can upload your workouts from your GPS device to track metrics and see how well you are performing on your plan. Basic Training Peaks accounts are free but with an HPP training plan you will receive a premium membership for 12 weeks or the duration of your training plan. With a premium membership you will have access to the Performance Management Chart, heart rate and pace analysis, and other valuable metrics to make your training a success. 
Click Here to see all the benefits of a Training Peaks premium membership.