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Zwift Workouts: How to train using Zwift

Zwift & FTP

Zwift is an immensely popular game that allows user to simulate outdoor riding while grinding away on the trainer. It’s opened doors for cyclists and allows them to participate in everything from races to group rides. But what about using Zwift as the sole method for training? Workout Mode First let’s talk about some of […]

Tips for Setting Up an Indoor Trainer

As the days get shorter and the weather becomes more unpredictable many will find themselves heading indoors and parking their bike on the trainer in front of the TV, pedaling away the winter months, counting the days until the snow starts to recede and the days once again lengthen out. It takes real dedication and […]

Indoor Riding – Fuelling on the Trainer

In the warmer months when you set out for a long 3-5 hour ride on the bike you are limited to what you can bring with you: two or three bottles, some gels, a bar, ¬†and some cash to stop at a convenient store for a snack. Ultimately, however, your options are limited by space. […]

Indoor Riding – Setting up a Trainer

You’ve set up your training space and now you want to ride. Before you hop on and get going with your winter training, there are some important considerations to be made about your trainer setup that will make your indoor training experience more enjoyable and may even save you some money and headaches down the […]

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