Zwift: How Important is FTP?

Zwift & FTP

We’ve already talked a bit about how to train with Zwift but for folks not accustomed to power training the concept of FTP and training zones is uncharted territory. What does it mean? Do you need to do an FTP test? And how does it affect your Zwift riding? Understanding FTP FTP, or functional threshold power, is theoretically the point at…

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How to Get the Most out of your Build Phase

With spring just around the corner most people following a periodization plan will be starting their build phases in the next month or so. We’ve already covered some of the basics of the base phase in a previous post and today we’ll go into some detail about how to get the most out of the build phase. For some the…

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OCA Releases Preliminary 2015 Race Schedule

Just before Christmas the OCA released its preliminary schedule for the 2015 season. There are some notable changes in the format of the Ontario-Cup series with some new races added and some others removed. The Pan Am games certainly had an affect on the scheduling of races, particularly the Provincial Championships. Last year provincials were held at the end of…

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Learning to Race: From the Pain Cave to the Podium

For some people just getting on a road bike and going for a ride, be it on their own, with a club, or with a group of friends, is all they’ll ever need to get maximum enjoyment out of the sport. For others, the more competitive types with an itch to go fast, racing is the next step in their…

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