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Episode 7 – Right Bike

On this week’s episode I sit down with Samuel and Watson from Right Bike and the Ottawa Bicycle Academy to talk about some of the many initiatives they are involved with in Ottawa. It always amazes how much cycling can do for a community beyond just health and fitness. Through the Bicycle Academy Right Bike […]

Episode 5 – Cameron Robertson

This week’s episode features Cameron Robertson of Aerovelo. Cam is part of the team that broke the human power land speed record with their ETA speed bike. Cam talks about some of the challenges they faced in breaking the record and how important aerodynamics are to making bikes go fast. Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33clAZoaLWs for the […]

Episode 4 – Jeff Leiper

Jeff Leiper city councillor for Kitchissippi Ward in Ottawa sits down with me this week to talk about urban cycling and infrastructure. Jeff has done a lot to promote cycling and make streets safer for cycle traffic. He’s an avid cyclist himself and so understands the struggles that cyclists face when riding in urban areas. […]

Episode 2 – Ian Fraser

On this week’s episode I sit down with Ian Fraser of Cyclelogik and former pro triathlete.┬áHaving been there at the foundation of triathlon as a professional sport, Ian has some interesting and unique insights into what the sport has become and where it can go. Clipped In is brought to you by http://humanpowerperformance.com

Clipped In Podcast Preview

Human Power Performance is proud to present Clipped In a cycling podcast covering every facet of cycling culture. Check out the preview episode featuring Ian Fraser from Cyclelogik and former professional triathlete. The full episode and many more will drop in March coinciding with the Clipped In Podcast launch party on Friday March 18, 2016. […]

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