5 Tips for Kickstarting Your 2018 Triathlon Goals

Penticton ITU

Triathlon events are more popular than ever –especially long course events! And that means triathletes need to plan their season almost a year in advance. If half or full distance Iron events are on your radar for next year, you’ve likely already registered for one! With just over 8 months to the end of next season, chances are training for…

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Race Report – John V at IM Tremblant

Race Report written by John Villeneuve – HPP Athlete Note from Coach Alan: John came to us early in the year looking to accomplish his goal of completing an half Iron. He had been a former powerlifter but changed direction to endurance sport. John already had a solid base foundation for running –at his height and stride length he can…

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In Defence of the Sprint Triathlon

There is no question that Iron-distance events carry the most prestige and stand at the pinnacle of triathlon as the toughest challenge. Most triathletes aspire to do at least one full iron distance event and many spend their entire year training for just one iron event. The progression for many triathletes is to start with the shorter easier events and…

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What to Expect in Your First Triathlon

In the last 15 years triathlon has grown from an obscure event that attracted only elite athletes and those daring enough to attempt a full distance Ironman into a thriving age group sport in line with marathon and gran fondo events. The great influx of participants has seen the calendar of open age-group triathlon events increase exponentially. There is a…

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Episode 2 – Ian Fraser

On this week’s episode I sit down with Ian Fraser of Cyclelogik and former pro triathlete.¬†Having been there at the foundation of triathlon as a professional sport, Ian has some interesting and unique insights into what the sport has become and where it can go. Clipped In is brought to you by

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