Zwift Workouts: How to train using Zwift

Zwift & FTP

Zwift is an immensely popular game that allows user to simulate outdoor riding while grinding away on the trainer. It’s opened doors for cyclists and allows them to participate in everything from races to group rides. But what about using Zwift as the sole method for training? Workout Mode First let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of…

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Zwift vs Trainer Road

*Sign up for our mailing list to get 10% off our Spring Cycling and Triathlon camp in Asheville, NC: Click Here It’s that time again to dig out the trainer and set up the pain cave. There was a time when trainer riding meant hours in front of the TV on a loud mag trainer with nothing but a heart…

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The Best TrainerRoad Workouts

Trainer Road is an immensely popular online/software based training suite for indoor cycling. It offers hundreds of workouts which focus on all areas of cycling performance from aerobic endurance to sprints intervals. With so many workouts to choose from, it’s hard to know which are the most effective for your particular training goals and needs. This post will cover not…

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