Five Ways to Kickstart Your 2017 Training

The new year is just a few days away and many of us are starting to think about our goals and plans for 2017. There’s a reason why resolutions are so popular on the new year. January 1st marks a new year and a new start; a sense of renewal. As athletes most of us will be starting our base…

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How to Choose the Right Spin Class

Riding inside is a good way to stay fit and keep active in the winter months. Most athletes are slaves to the trainer in the winter and for most of us there is no way to avoid stationary training. But we all know how boring and how hard it can be to stay motivated training alone in the basement. Spin…

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Review – Garmin Vivoactive HR

Recently we looked at whether activity trackers were useful tools for athletes. While the Garmin Vivoactive HR is more of a smart watch than activity tracker, Garmin nonetheless includes the watch among its line of activity trackers. The Vivoactive HR has come along way from the simple trackers that flooded the market a few years ago and with a plethora…

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