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The Felt IA: A Lesson in Aerodynamics

Have you ever seen a high end triathlon bike; not a UCI legal TT bike but a triathlon specific racing bike? With no limitations in terms of frame design, these bikes incorporate some of those most unique bicycle designs on the market. The reason for this? Any experienced triathlete knows the answer: aerodynamics. While road […]

Review – Argon 18 Nitrogen

Argon 18 started out as a small Montreal based company but in recent years has garnered some attention with title sponsorship in the Tour de France. The Bora-Argon 18 team has brought the Argon 18 name to the World Tour levelĀ and there are lot more of them on the road than ever before. In terms […]

Aerodynamics: Debunking the Myths

While aerodynamics have been a consideration for road cyclists since the days of Graeme Obree’s washing machine bike and his famous superman position, it has only been recently that bike, wheel, and component manufacturers have really started putting more emphasis on the true effect aerodynamics have on performance. It’s become such a hot button topic […]

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