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14295597_529408073911780_745442426_nJordan Monnink
Discipline: Triathlete
Ottawa, ON
Professional Long Course Triathlete

In 2013, I began my foray into long-course triathlon racing. With the information I had online, I was able to achieve some initial success and qualify for the 2014 half-ironman World Championships in Mont-Tremblant as an age-group athlete. It was then that I approached Ian Fraser and the HPP team for coaching and guidance. In a calendar year, HPP was able to take me from a top-5 regional race finisher to a top 10 overall amateur finisher in a world-championship race! I credit this success to the holistic coaching I received. The team takes the time to get to know you, figure out what works and what does not work and applies smart training that is backed by science and good practice.

I am now two years into my professional long-course racing career. I have won some great races including the Meech Lake Tri, Cornwall Olympic distance tri, and the historic K-town tri. I have also placed in the top-10 in three WTC half-ironman races in the professional division. As my racing continues to progress, so too does my trust in HPP’s guidance. Most importantly, HPP has found a way to push me to my limits while stressing balance in my life and fun in my training and racing

nateNathaniel B.

Discipline: Triathlete
Massachusetts, USA.
Goals: Qualify for Kona, Compete at 70.3 World Championships

“As a novice triathlete, I tend to over-train, and underperform. I love to work hard (I hate to run or ride slowly). After my first season of 1/2 Iron distance races last year, I quickly realized that I needed a more comprehensive approach to training: I had little left in the tank after my bike, and despite being a strong runner, found myself walking.. After reading an article written by Alan Dempsey, I reached out to Human Power Performance, and began training in earnest.  

Alan has gone to considerable lengths to understand my motivations, my strengths, and my weaknesses, and has tailored a program that takes these factors into account. I never feel as though my workouts are pulled from a sheet; the “one size fits all” model. Sick? Injured? Tired? Over-Enthusiastic?  Alan works diligently to modify my daily workouts, taking great care to monitor my fatigue levels and my fitness. I couldn’t be more pleased with the process, nor the results. In 14 weeks I am a stronger swimmer, a faster, more efficient runner, and I am making great strides on the bike.

I look forward to the coming years with HPP!”

Discipline: Cycling
Chelsea, QC
Palmares: 5 time Masters National ITT Champion, 5 time Masters North American Stage Race Champion,

“Creativity and imagination as a coach can only work when its applied on top of deep fundamental knowledge.

An affable approach and genuine concern and trust ties it together.

I’m describing my ten year relationship with my coach, Ian Fraser.

I started with Ian as a frustrated masters bike racer, who felt he was strong enough to be a factor, but could never bring it together on race day.

Together we’ve won 5 National time trial championships, 5 North American Stage Race championships, and dozens of other provincial titles and major races throughout northeastern Canada and the US.

We use the science, lactic testing, power, periodization, but more than anything else, by engaging with me on a personal level, by understanding not only my physical strengths and weaknesses, but my mental make up, and the parameters of my broader family and work life, we’ve together mastered the art of the peak. I think this is the most difficult and valuable achievement of our work together.

You cant win every race as a cyclist, it’s the nature of the sport, but I can truly say that I have never arrived at an A race feeling anything less than perfectly prepared. Going into priority events with that type of confidence in your form is not only a physical benefit, but its an incredible mental advantage knowing that you’re in the driver’s seat before the gun ever goes off. I cant imagine an athlete getting more from his coach.

Ten years is a long time for a coach-athlete relationship – another testament to Ian’s imagination, and willingness to grow with me. At 47, my numbers continue to improve, my results continue to come, and the process never gets old, never gets stale. We are continually adjusting and evaluating, and ever improving. There’s little doubt the single biggest reason for my success has been my partnership with Ian Fraser.”