Coaching Services

HPP offers a wide range of comprehensive coaching services across a variety of disciplines. Triathletes, cyclists, runners, and downhill skiers can all benefit from the expertise that HPP coaches can provide. A lot goes into developing an effective training plan. No two athletes are the same and each has a broad range of strengths, weaknesses, goals, schedules, etc.  Take a look at the process below to better understand how coaching works and how you can benefit from a coach.


When an athlete signs up with us the first step is to complete our online questionnaire. This questionnaire is a generic form that gives your coach some initial information to work with and begin developing an athlete profile. From there we move on to a personal consultation. Depending on your geographic location this can be done in person, over the phone, over via Skype. This is where we get down to the important details of your training history, goals, background in sport, strengths, weaknesses, injuries, limitations, schedule, and where you can ask any questions of your coach.

Developing the Training Plan

Once you’ve met with your coach, he/she will assemble an athlete profile using the information provided on the questionnaire and your consultation. The athlete profile is what your coach will use to outline your annual or event-based training plan. Training plans are more than just assigning workouts each week. Your coach will develop a general outline of how your training will progress throughout the season or leading up to your event. Your coach will take into account your experience, current fitness, goals, and schedule to determine the appropriate training load and weekly volume.

Assigning Workouts

After the training outline is complete, your coach will begin assigning your workouts. Depending on your schedule your coach may assign workouts weekly or monthly and each workout will be in accordance with the training outline. If your weakness is cadence, your coach will assign workouts that help develop better pedalling technique and optimal cadence. If your weakness is endurance, your coach will incorporate workouts that build endurance. Most athletes have a variety of strengths and weaknesses and your coach has to carefully put together a plan that allows you to improve upon your weaknesses and build on your strengths. Our coaches use a wide range of workouts developed through years of experience and based on the principles of sport science and physiology. They can, and frequently will, develop custom workouts that address an athlete’s particular needs. Not every athlete has the time to go for a 6 hour endurance ride and our coaches understand the need to make use of time sparingly and efficiently. Most importantly, your training plan is specific to you, your needs, your goals and your schedule.

Athlete Development and Education

At HPP we believe that an informed and well-educated athlete is a good athlete. In addition to making training plans, our coaches are available to explain training principles and help you better understand why we ask you to do the workouts we assign. We want you to know how the body works, how it responds to training, and what aims we’re trying to achieve with each workout. On occasion we also offer seminars and training camps to help athletes add to their training toolbox and become partners in the process of developing their training plans.

Event support

Our coaches are personally invested in the success of our athletes. The reason most of us train is to compete. We’re not all professionals and we may never see a podium but when we hit the start line, we’re there to perform. The drive for most athletes is self-improvement. And the measure of an athlete’s improvement is performance. With HPP you can be assured your coach will always have your back. Your coach will help you prepare for your big event by helping you to develop pacing and nutrition strategies and provide useful insight and tips from their own vast experience in the sport. Whether it’s pre-race nerves or what to pack in your transition bag, your coach can help.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how you can improve your training and performance please contact us at: