Episode 6 – Bicycle Craft Brewery

In this episode I visit Laura and Fariborz at Bicycle Craft Brewery to talk about bikes and beer. Not only do they make delicious beer –their Velocipede IPA is one of my favourites– they love cycling. I had a lot of fun sampling beer and talking cycling with them. For more info check out: http://bicyclecraftbrewery.ca/ […]

Race Report – Tour Di Via Italia

After the previous day’s disaster I was hoping Via Italia would go a little better. With a larger field and better organization from the start it looked as though this would be the case. TDVI felt like a well organized American race with plenty of commissaires (friendly ones too) and lead and follow cars on […]

Saving Energy with Aerodynamics

They key to a successful bike race is knowing when to work and when to conserve energy. Depending on your style of riding, you might choose¬†specific times to work and specific times to conserve. Sprinters prefer to sit in the middle of the pack conserving their legs for the big sprint finish. Climbers wait until […]

Throwback Thursday

Eight years ago I was getting ready to move back to my hometown near Barrie from Ottawa. Most of of my things had already been moved back and I was living in an empty apartment sleeping on a mattress pad in a sleeping bag. Along with my bike and some other camping supplies, the place […]

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