Zwift & FTP

Zwift Racing – Tips & Workouts to Improve your Results

Don’t sandbag! Now that we’ve got that out of the way.. racing on Zwift is fun, motivating, and exhausting. Sure there are lots of folks who have the it’s-just-a-game mentality but it’s hard not to take Zwift racing seriously if you’re at all competitive; especially after that first race. You either crush it or you […]

Penticton ITU

5 Tips for Kickstarting Your 2018 Triathlon Goals

Triathlon events are more popular than ever –especially long course events! And that means triathletes need to plan their season almost a year in advance. If half or full distance Iron events are on your radar for next year, you’ve likely already registered for one! With just over 8 months to the end of next […]

Zwift & FTP

Zwift: How Important is FTP?

We’ve already talked a bit about how to train with Zwift but for folks not accustomed to power training the concept of FTP and training zones is uncharted territory. What does it mean? Do you need to do an FTP test? And how does it affect your Zwift riding? Understanding FTP FTP, or functional threshold power, […]

Zwift & FTP

Zwift Workouts: How to train using Zwift

Zwift is an immensely popular game that allows user to simulate outdoor riding while grinding away on the trainer. It’s opened doors for cyclists and allows them to participate in everything from races to group rides. But what about using Zwift as the sole method for training? Workout Mode First let’s talk about some of […]

Getting the Facts: How to spot bad information

Athletic performance relies heavily on the continuing advancement of our scientific understanding of physiology. Without science we would still be relying on outdated and at times dangerous training methods. Our understanding of how heart rate is affected by physical activity or how aerobic capacity correlates to a number in watts has greatly improved training techniques […]

Fudging the Numbers: A Practical Guide to Increasing FTP

When cycling’s favourite comedian Phil Gaimon retired, he began a quest to push dopers from the top of KOM segments on Strava (at least in his local area). Despite being retired one peculiar thing happened to Phil’s fitness in his hunt for Strava segments; he saw some of the best 20 minute power numbers of his […]

How to Choose the Right Spin Class

Riding inside is a good way to stay fit and keep active in the winter months. Most athletes are slaves to the trainer in the winter and for most of us there is no way to avoid stationary training. But we all know how boring and how hard it can be to stay motivated training […]

Rethinking FTP and Establishing Training Zones

FTP (functional threshold power) is an integral part of training for cyclists. Unlike the subjective nature of heart rate training, power is a truly objective measurement of the effort a cyclist is putting out. While most cyclists are aware of the basic principles of power and how to use it (or at least how to […]

The Importance of Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery. It’s called the most important part of training. Despite this most athletes do not get enough nor do they rest effectively. The primary principle of training is to elicit an adaptation response by shocking your body with rigorous activity. After the activity our bodies begin to repair the cellular damage caused by […]

Heart Rate in a World of Watts – Four reasons HR is still a valuable metric

Power has undoubtedly taken over the cycling world as the must-have metric. What started out as an expensive wired contraption that could only be used on a stationary bike has developed into a wide range of increasingly more affordable and portable wireless units with connectivity to multiple devices. Stages was arguably the first to produce […]

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