The Importance of Sponsorship to Cycling

Have you ever wondered how a cycling team generates revenue? Or where the money for rider salaries comes from? Or where all those shiny new team bikes come from? The answer to all those questions is sponsorship. Unlike most other professional sports where ticket sales to events generate portions of the revenue, cycling relies solely […]

Tips for Setting Up an Indoor Trainer

As the days get shorter and the weather becomes more unpredictable many will find themselves heading indoors and parking their bike on the trainer in front of the TV, pedaling away the winter months, counting the days until the snow starts to recede and the days once again lengthen out. It takes real dedication and […]

The movie no one is talking about

It’s been a month since the trailer for the new Lance Armstrong biopic landed on YouTube. Directed by Stephen Frears, known for his work on the cult classic High Fidelity and the recent critically acclaimed film Philomena, and starring Ben Foster, Dustin Hoffman, Lee Pace and Chris O’Dowd, this movie is clearly not a half-hearted […]

Equality in Bike Racing

Women’s presence in the cycling world has been rapidly expanding in the last ten years at both the amateur and professional level. While a true grand tour for women still seems to be out of sight, professional female cycling teams and larger races are beginning to crop up all over Europe and North America. Many […]

Aerodynamics: Debunking the Myths

While aerodynamics have been a consideration for road cyclists since the days of Graeme Obree’s washing machine bike and his famous superman position, it has only been recently that bike, wheel, and component manufacturers have really started putting more emphasis on the true effect aerodynamics have on performance. It’s become such a hot button topic […]

Indoor Riding – Fuelling on the Trainer

In the warmer months when you set out for a long 3-5 hour ride on the bike you are limited to what you can bring with you: two or three bottles, some gels, a bar, ¬†and some cash to stop at a convenient store for a snack. Ultimately, however, your options are limited by space. […]

Throwback Thursday

Eight years ago I was getting ready to move back to my hometown near Barrie from Ottawa. Most of of my things had already been moved back and I was living in an empty apartment sleeping on a mattress pad in a sleeping bag. Along with my bike and some other camping supplies, the place […]

Disc Brakes and Road Bikes

Disc brakes on road bikes have gained considerable attention in the past few years to the point that the UCI has promised to assemble a panel to discuss their application in UCI world events. Currently, they are prohibited in the professional circuit. A number of reasons make them unsuitable for big race events (heat buildup […]

Is Strava Useful in the Winter?

While this year has been warmer than most and has allowed for road riding much later into the year, by now the trainer has seen its share of miles and for the vast majority of riders will be the only way to log miles until the snow departs. For devoted Strava users this means several […]

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