The Felt IA: A Lesson in Aerodynamics

Have you ever seen a high end triathlon bike; not a UCI legal TT bike but a triathlon specific racing bike? With no limitations in terms of frame design, these bikes incorporate some of those most unique bicycle designs on the market. The reason for this? Any experienced triathlete knows the answer: aerodynamics. While road […]

Tips for Setting Up an Indoor Trainer

As the days get shorter and the weather becomes more unpredictable many will find themselves heading indoors and parking their bike on the trainer in front of the TV, pedaling away the winter months, counting the days until the snow starts to recede and the days once again lengthen out. It takes real dedication and […]

Review – Argon 18 Nitrogen

Argon 18 started out as a small Montreal based company but in recent years has garnered some attention with title sponsorship in the Tour de France. The Bora-Argon 18 team has brought the Argon 18 name to the World Tour level and there are lot more of them on the road than ever before. In terms […]

Review – Briko Shot Evoluzione Glasses

I’m old enough to remember watching Mario Cipollini rocket across the finish line first in countless bunch sprints but still young enough to have thought the guy looked absolutely ridiculous wearing those bizarre bug-eye goggles. That being said, now that everything 90s seems to be coming full circle, I found myself oddly attracted to the […]

Activity Trackers – Are they Useful?

In the past two years the tech gadget market has been flooded with a wide array of wearable personal activity trackers. The Fitbit, Garmin’s Vivofit and VivoSmart lines and Pebble are just a few of the 10-15 different brands each with several different models. Most trackers include the same basic functionality such as step counting, […]

Buyers Guide – Wheels

When buying a new road bike wheels are typically the weakest stock component in terms of quality and performance. Even high-end bikes come with wheel sets that do not match the quality of the rest of the bike. Because of this wheels are often the first upgrade made by riders. Most serious racers have multiple […]

Indoor Riding – Setting up a Trainer

You’ve set up your training space and now you want to ride. Before you hop on and get going with your winter training, there are some important considerations to be made about your trainer setup that will make your indoor training experience more enjoyable and may even save you some money and headaches down the […]

Disc Brakes and Road Bikes

Disc brakes on road bikes have gained considerable attention in the past few years to the point that the UCI has promised to assemble a panel to discuss their application in UCI world events. Currently, they are prohibited in the professional circuit. A number of reasons make them unsuitable for big race events (heat buildup […]

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