Equality in Bike Racing

Women’s presence in the cycling world has been rapidly expanding in the last ten years at both the amateur and professional level. While a true grand tour for women still seems to be out of sight, professional female cycling teams and larger races are beginning to crop up all over Europe and North America. Many […]

Saving Energy with Aerodynamics

They key to a successful bike race is knowing when to work and when to conserve energy. Depending on your style of riding, you might choose¬†specific times to work and specific times to conserve. Sprinters prefer to sit in the middle of the pack conserving their legs for the big sprint finish. Climbers wait until […]

Aerodynamics: Debunking the Myths

While aerodynamics have been a consideration for road cyclists since the days of Graeme Obree’s washing machine bike and his famous superman position, it has only been recently that bike, wheel, and component manufacturers have really started putting more emphasis on the true effect aerodynamics have on performance. It’s become such a hot button topic […]

Indoor Riding – Setting up a Trainer

You’ve set up your training space and now you want to ride. Before you hop on and get going with your winter training, there are some important considerations to be made about your trainer setup that will make your indoor training experience more enjoyable and may even save you some money and headaches down the […]

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