2017 HPP Training Camps

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HPP is preparing two training camps this spring (April 2-8) for triathletes and cyclists. Running concurrently, these camps will be targeted to cyclists and triathletes of all levels of experience and ability. Camps are a great way to shake off winter and get a head start on the season by putting in valuable base miles. A training camp has a positive effect on both fitness and psychological readiness. The first time outside for run/ride/swim that doesn’t involve snow or cold is a cathartic experience and signifies the start of summer. By holding our camp in Asheville, North Carolina, attending athletes not only get to experience this catharsis but get to do it in some of the most scenic areas to ride. Below we’ll take a look at some of the benefits to joining our camp, what’s included, and the costs.

Triathlon Camp

Who’s who?

The triathlon camp will be run predominantly by Ian Fraser (HPP Coach, former pro triathlete, and co-owner of Cyclelogik), Jordon Monnink (current pro triathlete and strength coach), and stand-out age group triathlete Heather Low (who recently qualified for Kona and has shared the podium in many long course events). Together these exceptional coaches and athletes will provide attending athletes with all the knowledge and resources they possess from their vast experience in triathlon.

Ian has a reputation for being a detail-oriented coach and his strength is being able to develop workouts that are effective and enjoyable. Ian’s experience allows him to blend holistic coaching strategies with modern sport science and tailor his plans to an individual athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. Ian will be responsible primarily for developing the day-to-day workouts of the triathlon camp taking into account the variety of experience and ability of the attending athletes. No one will be expected to work above or below their current level of fitness and experience.

Jordan is a young current professional triathlete who recently turned pro under the guidance of Ian Fraser’s coaching. Jordan’s strength is, well, strength. He runs programs through a local strength training facility and coaches independently. Jordan will be aiding in the implementation of Ian’s program and leading workshops designed to address triathlon specific strength training and offering guidance on advanced racing strategies that can be used by even the newest athletes.

Heather Low is an accomplished age group triathlete who began her triathlon career with little previous experience and has quickly become one of the foremost amateur long course triathletes. Heather has the ability to provide a unique look at the world of amateur triathlon both from someone new to the sport and someone with vast experience at the top-level of competition.

What to expect?

When you arrive at the camp, you’ll find yourself in a peaceful retreat-style lodge on a large property featuring a pond, forest and possibly some horses. After a long hard training day the peaceful atmosphere and serene backdrop of our accommodations will provide a perfect setting for recovery and relaxation.

Those arriving Saturday will have the choice to go for a Sunday morning ride; easy, conversational, and relaxing. In the evening during dinner we’ll do introductions, sort out logistical details, and provide everyone with a schedule of the week’s workouts and agenda.

During the week we’ll spend most of our days in the pool, running and riding. Each workout will be ability-based so no one is working above or below their ability. Because we’re running a small camp of only about 12 people, we have the ability to address some of the specific strengths and weaknesses of each athlete and spend a good amount of time working individually with our attendees to make sure they are getting the most benefit from the camp. If your weakness is endurance, we’ll work on that. If you’re weakness is nutrition, we’ll work on that. Ultimately it’s our goal to make you stronger, smarter athletes by the end of the week.

One of the biggest pitfalls of training camps is overdoing it. Often in such a truncated time block, athletes tend to go hard and long everyday to maximize their time at camp. Our camp is designed to challenge you but not leave you feeling like you need 3 weeks of recovery afterward. We do recommend that attendees take a recovery week when they get back from the camp and those attending who are coached HPP athletes will have the camp incorporated seamlessly into their training plan to prevent overtraining or non-functional overreaching. We’ll provide all attending athletes with guidance on how they can effectively recover from the challenges of the camp and get the benefit of increased fitness.

Meals and Food

Breakfast and dinner are provided for those attending. We have the ability to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and our meals will be designed to maximize training capacity and recovery –and be delicious. In addition, we’ll also have a supply of training-related nutrition such as gels, bars and recovery drinks. We recommend you still bring some of your own since every athlete has their own preference and we understand that some things don’t always work well for everyone. We’ll provide those attending in advance with a list of provided nutrition so they can plan ahead.


Our camp is designed to be all ecompassing. We’ve made every effort to include everything we can (with the exception of travel to North Carolina) so that those attending won’t have to worry about anything while at the camp. The focus of the week will be training. Most food, accommodations, coaching, and pool time are all included in the price.

The cost for the camp is $1500 (until March 15, 2017). All you have to do is get yourself there. We can arrange pickup at the airport at additional fee if necessary.

Send an email to to register.


Cycling Camp

Cycling training camps are popular with casual cyclists and pros alike. Thounsands of cyclists descend on warm climates every year for training. Our cycling camp is two-fold. We recognize that some riders want guidance and structured workouts, others just want a place to stay so they can do their own riding. For the former group, we’re providing experienced ride leaders and coaches to guide riders through workouts that will test their abilities and improve their fitness. For the latter we have packages that include only food and accommodations.

Who’s Who?

Alan Dempsey will be primarily in charge of running the cycling camp. Alan is an HPP coach and currently races for the continental Velo Select racing team. Like Ian, Alan takes a holistic approach to coaching taking into account his athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses and combines that with detailed metrics analysis. Alan spends a good deal of time understanding how an athlete’s power, heart rate and pace respond to different training stimuli and develops training plans based on an individual physiological profile. Alan’s passion is for road cycling and his program will challenge participants of the cycling camp to push themselves further and longer in a way that is fun and rewarding.

What to Expect?

Our cycling camp features the same accommodations as the triathlon camp, both camps will be run concurrently to maximize the benefit of having all the expertise HPP has to offer in one place. The cycling camp will consist of lots of riding, making the most of the days with long rides that cover all the best climbs and stretches of road the area has to offer. Riders of different abilities will have different objectives for their rides specific to their cycling ambitions. Racers will be subject to attack simulation, echelon riding, and threshold work. Casual cyclists will have the ability to get lots of base miles in their legs with plenty of rest stops at local cafes.

Meals and Food

Just as with the triathlon camp, breakfast and dinner will be provided for attendees of the cycling camp.


Cyclists have the choice to stay with us at our accommodations and do their own riding for $850. Cyclists who want more structure and guided rides will pay $1200. In both cases breakfast, dinner and accommodations are provided. Cyclists of our structured camp will have access to sport-nutrition and coaching provided by HPP. The guided camp is structured just like our triathlon camp where athletes will have the opportunity to work at their own level, develop their strengths and tackle their weaknesses.

If you’d like to register for our cycling camp please send an email to



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