Zwift Training Plans

Zwift is a great place to just ride. And everyone should spend some time just riding. It’s a ton of fun and allows you to connect with other people around the world in a massive online riding environment. But for those who want to begin the process of developing fitness through structured workouts, it be can be a challenge. Zwift’s workout functions have you jump head first into the deep end with FTP tests and zone-based training. Before getting there it helps to have some experience with what structured training looks like and put some miles into the legs. We’ve developed a two week program to begin on February 13th that aims to build your endurance ability through perceived effort based riding. This will help you understand and gauge your efforts better for when you want to take the dreaded FTP test.

Two Week Zwift Plan – Level 1

For those who have spent a good amount of time riding, or those eager to know their FTP, we have also put together an FTP pacing plan to help you learn to gauge your efforts and get used to what a test effort feels like.

FTP Pacing Plan

Before starting any of these programs it might help to have a look at these articles on FTP and structured training in Zwift:

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If you’d like coach support or want a custom structured training program delivered through Training Peaks please email for more information.