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HPP offers coaching services for cyclists, triathletes and runners who want to improve their performance and train for specific events. Anything from a criterium to an Iron Man, we can help you develop a training plan, give feedback and advice, and assist you to achieve your fitness goals. Affordable coaching plans are available which include short term and long term training plans, weekly feedback, and structured workouts tailored to your individual needs. Each training plan is custom created based on the athlete’s preferred discipline, strengths and weaknesses, schedule, and training tools. Coaching can be provided both in person and online.

Why Hire a Coach?

nateA coach has the ability to view an athlete’s performance and ability objectively and with ¬†impartiality. Because of this a coach can better assess an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses and develop a training plan that will challenge an athlete to obtain the best possible performance during their ‘A’ events and improve overall fitness. Many self coached athletes experience some success when they begin training but their performance quickly reaches a plateau. A coach has the ability to analyze and assess an athlete’s progress and adapt their training routine so the athlete can continue to improve. Most athletes have to juggle jobs, families and other commitments that do not allow them to take the time to analyze and interpret training metrics and carefully plan training modules to fit their schedules and improve their performance.¬†With a coach an athlete can focus less on numbers and planning and focus on doing the activities that brought them into the sport in the first place.

What to expect

11222346_10154120882452468_3514423487109628369_nHPP coaching packages are both affordable and comprehensive. Through consultation, the HPP team will develop a training plan suited to your current level of fitness and experience in order to achieve your short and long term goals.

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  1. Francois Veilleux

    Good day
    I am planning on doing 1/2 triathlon by end of summer 2018
    2016 I did some Sprints
    2017 duathlon sprint +Olympique ( other project , no time to swim )
    Looking to plan beyter for the 2018 season
    need an estimate on possible cost of having a coach
    Thank you

    1. Alan Dempsey

      Hi Francois,

      Send me an email at and we can discuss.



    2. Alan Dempsey

      Hi Francois,

      Please send an email to


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